Fleet Forrest (pty) ltd is a fleet management company founded in South Africa. This 100% black owned private company that specialize in providing fleet management solutions from small to large fleets by means of cutting edge tracking technology systems and telematics.

The core services of the business is providing vehicle control systems for businesses using wireless and live monitoring of each vehicle, this system makes the life of a fleet controller/manager easier as they can remotely access vehicle stats and status without the vehicle physically being nearby, in addition to the detailed reports of the vehicles, a fleet personnel can couple that experience with the option of a live video footage that can be accessed from a computer or smart phone to add more emphasis to the driver behaviour.

Fleet Forrest (pty) ltd is plays a merger role in the tracking market and also provide personalised customer experience to maximize on the good quality products that we have in offer.

The motto: “we know where your vehicle is” stands to assure the reliability of our systems, not only is it about us knowing where your vehicle is, is about you (client) knowing where your vehicle is, where it was, how it got there and this is a standard feature for all our tracking options, available to you as a client 24/7.